I'm Drew, and you've found my home on the Internet. This is where I collect all of the articles I've written and where I send folks to learn more about me. Please have a look around! You'll find what I've written most recently below.

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  • 7 Single-Encounter Adventure Hooks on Feb 03, 2020 in Tabletop RPG #7-rpg-things

    I often run my tabletop RPG sessions completely improvisationally, starting with a single encounter idea and no other preparation. I just riff from there. Here are 7 single-encounter adventure hooks I've used repeatedly throughout the years for this. I hope you find them helpful!

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Drew Miller
Half ogre, half human, all dork (he/him)

Howdy folks! I'm Drew. I'm married to Deirdre and am a dad to 6 great kids.

By day, I help teams make software. I work at GitHub and have previously worked at Microsoft, Auth0, CenturyLink Cloud, Aderant, and for a number of government agencies and contractors.

On nights and weekends, I enjoy cooking, playing tabletop and video games, paddling canoes and kayaks, and exploring wild places.